Organic Cane Sugar

Big Country organic sugar is made from 100% certified organic sugarcane crop. The cane is harvested, cut by farmers, and taken to the mill where the juice is extracted and crystallized. Since it is far less processed than traditional sugars, it retains its natural flavor and blonde color. 

Organic Light Brown Sugar

Organic brown sugar is produced by carefully adding organic sugarcane molasses to the raw cane. Big Country’s organic light brown sugar offers a delicate caramel flavor and increased moisture retention, making it ideal for baking. 

Organic Dark Brown Sugar

Our organic dark brown sugar is also produced by adding organic sugarcane molasses to the raw cane, but it contains a higher molasses content. The more molasses present, the richer the flavor and darker the color. This soft dark brown sugar perfectly sweetens up BBQ sauces and marinades. 

Organic Powdered Sugar

Big Country organic powdered sugar is made from 100% certified organic sugar cane. Simply put, our organic powdered sugar is ground down until it becomes a fine, fluffy powder. A majority of refined powdered sugars can have an overpowering and almost chalk-like sweetness. We prefer to let the natural flavors shine, and our organic powdered sugar does just that; it retains a hint of the cane’s natural molasses essence, giving it a delicate, velvety, and pure rounded flavor.

Organic Cocoa Powder

It all starts with a good bean. From bean to powder and everything in between, we are dedicated to preserving the quality through the supply chain. Quality coupled with rare color and flavor makes Big Country cocoa truly special.

Organic Chocolate Chips

Eating chocolate is a multi-sensory experience. Our semi-sweet chocolate chips are smooth and creamy, melting perfectly on your palette, but it’s the flavor that is the ultimate benchmark for quality chocolate. Big Country chocolate chips are crafted with sustainable organic cocoa beans and satiate both scent and taste as they overflow with rich aromatic flavor.



Commitment to human rights, protection of the environment and ethical business practices.

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Big Country supports sustainable practices to minimize our environmental footprint. As a certified member, a percentage of profits go back to the producers, farmers, and workers to promote sustainable incomes and safe working conditions.



Ensuring the organic integrity of our products, Big Country is certified organic through Quality Assurance International (QAI).



Everyone deserves to be informed on the inclusion of GMOs. That’s why Big Country opted to be evaluated by a third-party technical administrator transparently receiving a Non-GMO Project verification.



Big Country is certified kosher through the Orthodox Union (OU Kosher). We maintain the highest respect for our consumers by ensuring our certified kosher products meet the needs of their faith.