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The Finest Organic Ingredients, Sustainably Sourced


Our story is inspired by the migration of the Cliff Swallow. This small bird travels over 6000 miles each spring from the southern tip of South America to California, where it nests and enjoys the temperate summer months. For us at Big Country, this extraordinary journey symbolizes our mission. We work with small farms and mills throughout the Americas to source the finest organic agricultural ingredients and deliver them directly to the kitchens and tabletops of families in the United States and Canada.

This connection supports sustainable farming and healthy living - A Field-To-Table approach that we believe in - A Global Solution.

After all, as the Cliff Swallow soars high over the Americas during its yearly migration, the terrain below is not separated by political boundaries such as one would see on a map but rather one continuous landmass. Come to think of it, to the swallow it might appear as one big country.


Land, People, Purity of Product

Our Story

Founder and CEO Bill Gillies and President Mike Montgomery have been providing ingredients to the organic and natural food markets since the 1990s, but wondered, what if they took it a step further and sourced the raw materials themselves. They imagined a partnership with a sugar cane farm that would reflect a commitment to human rights, protection of the environment, and ethical business practices.

This is where our story begins, with sugar and respect for the land it’s grown on, people devoted to sustainability, and consumers who want the best in organic ingredients.

Our search for the right partners took us around the globe. Ultimately, we focused on Paraguay and its reputation for being the gold standard in cane sugar. We were drawn to the growers’ devotion to organic farming and found the Paraguayans to be friendly and unaffected by the outside world. These were people with whom we could build an authentic relationship.

The ages-old artisan practices of farming and crafting of sugar used by these farmers reflect a field-to-table approach that we believe in. Incorporating modern technology into the process, the high quality organic sweeteners meet the requirements of BRC Global Standard certification, Institute of Marketecology (IMO) organic certification, and Fair Trade USA principals of giving back to the farmers.

100% Organic

Certified Organic, Minimally Processed.


Proactively Sustainable

Environmentally, Socially, Economically.

Vision Statement

Big Country Foods is committed to sourcing sustainable products. We actively contribute to sustainable growth through environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic advancement. All three components are essential to making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. Our vision comes to life through a process of planning, defined actions, evaluating progress, and continuous improvement. Through these actions we are building a sustainable company today, and leaving a legacy that future generations can cultivate.

Product of Paraguay

Supplier Code of Conduct

At Big Country Foods LLC, we are committed to ensuring our suppliers share the same values on sustainability as we do. We expect our suppliers to act in accordance with the laws, rules, and regulations of the countries in which they operate. The Supplier Code of Conduct includes internationally recognized standards, in order to improve social and environmental responsibility.



We use accessible resources in a way that is both skillful and responsible, with a sole purpose to deliver long-term benefits. The goal of our Sustainability mindset is to create a balanced approach to the business decision-making process: to produce social and economic benefits while following sustainable environmental practices.



Social sustainability is improving local and global social conditions of workers, their families and communities, and society as a whole. Many social challenges create barriers to advancing sustainable development including unemployment, poor working conditions, child labor and social problems related to safety, health and working circumstances. Our goal is to play a role in addressing these issues, and consistently work towards a better solution.



Protection of the environment is integral to achieving sustainable development. We support our suppliers in utilizing materials and technologies that are environmentally friendly in the most efficient and eco-conscious manner.

Fair Trade Program

In 2014, Big Country Foods introduced Fair Trade Organic Sugar. We work with suppliers who continually strive towards a sustainable global economic system, in which purchasing and production choices are made with concern for the well-being of people and the environment, creating a world where all people have viable economic options to meet their own needs. Furthermore, our Suppliers seek to alleviate poverty by continually and significantly expanding the practice of trade that values the labor and dignity of people.

Fair Trade

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